Directa Plus secures patent for graphene-enhanced golf balls

Directa Plus has recently been awarded a patent in Italy to make golf balls using its G+ graphene enhancement. G+ compounds in golf balls can reportedly make professionals hit them even further while less skilled players will enjoy improved swing and shot control.

"Using our G+ product in golf balls, for both the amateur and professional game is an exciting opportunity to enter a large sporting market," said Giulio Cesareo, the firm's chief executive.

Directa Plus has also been awarded a patent in China for the manufacture of graphene nanoplatelets, one of the ways of producing the material for use across a wide range of applications. The group said it has a unique exfoliation technology that is chemical free, has an extremely high yield, and can be varied to produce graphene nanoplatelets with specific morphologies.

In 2018, Callaway Golf Company, U.S-based maker of golf equipment, unveiled new graphene-enhanced golf balls called Callaway Chrome Soft golf and Chrome Soft X golf balls. These golf balls enjoy the addition of XG Sciences' xGnP graphene nanoplatelets.

Posted: Jun 03,2019 by Roni Peleg