Directa Plus recently announced that it has qualified for a total of €0.7 million in loans under the Italian government's Covid-19 recovery plan. The Company said it took advantage of the low-cost liquidity offered by the Italian Government, to accelerate its strategic program.

It said the funds were being provided in two tranches by Intesa Sanpaolo, being a €0.5 million loan and a €0.2 million leasing loan to fund the acquisition of new machinery for the company's production facility.

Exploiting the same government measure, the firm said it was negotiating with another major Italian bank for an additional € 0.5 million loan.

“This measure offered by the Italian government to respond to the Covid crisis will be utilized by Directa to accelerate activities in areas where our G+ graphene has a significant competitive advantage, like environmental, batteries, antiviral and antibacterial textiles,” said founder and chief executive officer Giulio Cesareo.