NeoGraf Solutions

NeoGraf Solutions logoUS-based NeoGraf Solutions is a producer of high-performance carbon and graphite products for over 140 years, for a variety of demanding applications and industries.

Graphene & Solar Technologies (GSTX)

GSTZ logo imageGraphene & Solar Technologies is a developer of Renewable Alternative Energy systems. It has interests in High Purity Quartz mineral deposits, Photovoltaics (PV), and essential materials production, as well as essential production materials for the high-end electronics and semi-conductor production materials.

Graphenel JSC

Graphenel logo imageGraphenel JSC, founded in 2011, is a technology company focusing on mass graphene manufacturing and its applications. It unique approachis to refine animal fat to produce cost-effective mass production of graphene.


Enerage logoEnerage, based in Taiwan, was established in 2005 to develop fuel cell technologies. In 2010 the company shifted its focus to graphene technologies, and has developed its own production process based on high pressure liquid exfoliation.


Charm Graphene logoCharmgraphene, based in Korea, is producing graphene materials - both CVD graphene (using a roll-to-roll facility) and graphene flakes. The company's R2R production system can produce 2 meters of CVD graphene per minute (maximum width 300 mm).

The company also offers custom-built materials production equipment, such as ALD, Evaporators, and more.