Akkolab logoAkkolab, established in Russia in 2009, produces graphene oxide and reduced-GO materials.

Akkolab is also performing research and development in the application of graphene materials in energy storage (batteries and supercapacitors), composites, inks and more.


Sweden-based Aninkco was established in August 2015 as spin-off from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The company aims to develop and produce novel conductive inks based on graphene and other 2D materials.

In September 2017 Aninkco, together with KTH and Huawei Technologies Sweden received a $120,000 grant from SiO-Grafen - VINNOVA to develop a 3D printing technique to fabricate graphene-coated heat spreaders.

Applied Graphene Materials

AGM logo imageApplied Graphene Materials (previously Durham Graphene Science) was established in 2010 as a spin-off from Durham University to develop a new graphene synthesis method and produce graphene materials. AGM's technology is a unique patented scalable 'bottom-up' CVD approach to produce graphene.

Applied Nanolayers

Applied Nanolayers logoApplied Nanolayers (ANL), based in the Netherlands, is a 2D material foundry that produces high quality graphene and other 2D materials using a CVD process. The company offers wafers from 50 mm (2-inch) through to 200 mm (8-inch) diameter.


Avanzare logoAvanzare is a supplier of high-performance nanomaterials for a wide range of applications.

The company produces graphene flakes and graphene oxide.


AzTrong logoUS-based AzTrong is a producer of functionalized graphene (GO and rGO) materials in the forms of inks, powders, slurries and films. AzTrong has a 100-ton production facility in Taiwan.

Be Dimensional

Be Dimensional logoBe Dimensional is an Italian early-stage startup, spun off from the IIT scientific research centre.


BLACKLEAF logo imageBLACKLEAF is a France-based company that aims to make graphene affordable and enable the industry to reshape products with a greener and more efficient approach.


Boomatech logoBrazil-based Boomatech produces graphene, graphene oxide and r-GO materials. The company developed its own production (a mix of Hummers + Tours + proprietary knowledge). The company's GO production capacity is around 100 Kg per month.

Boomatech also develops graphene-based applications, currently focused on graphene batteries.


BuckyRing logoUS-based BuckyRing has developed a novel method of graphene production, which the company says is highly power efficient, environmentally friendly and safe.

BuckyRing provides single-layer graphene in dispersions in quantities suitable for research and development through production.