CalBattery announces scaling-up production of its high capacity anode material

CalBattery, the U.S-based developer of a Silicon-Graphene (SiGr) composite anode material for li-ion batteries, recently announced that it has successfully scaled-up its new fluidized bed chemical vapor deposition process and is producing commercial quality and quantities of its breakthrough high capacity silicon composite anode material for use in li-ion batteries.

Over the past 5 years CalBattery’s team has worked with over thirty engineering groups to develop, build, and optimize a new type of fluidized bed chemical vapor deposition reactor capable of producing novel industry leading silicon composite lithium battery anode materials that can be specially engineered to incorporate between 10% -50% silicon with limited swelling and good cycle life compared to other LIB silicon anode materials used today.

The Company stated that it is now working closely with major chemical and battery manufacturers to optimize the CalBattery silicon anode materials to enhance battery performance in combination with various new complimentary advanced cathode, electrolyte, and binder materials.

Posted: Dec 13,2016 by Roni Peleg