Archer Exploration, an Australia-based company focused on developing the company's advanced graphite, magnesite and cobalt projects in South Australia, recently entered into an agreement with the Australian Research Council (ARC) to collaborate on the ARC Graphene Research Hub. The aim of the ARC Graphene Research Hub is to provide leading knowledge, innovative research and development for the commercialization of graphene research.

The main aim of Archer’s work is the development of scalable graphene production processes for the company’s numerous graphite deposits. The ARC Graphene Research Hub is funded by the Australian Government, through the Australian Research Council’s Industrial Transformation Research Hubs scheme. Under the agreement between Archer and the other ARC Graphene Research Hub participants, Archer will participate in many projects including: Development of a series of graphene based products to establish lab/pilot scale graphene production, development of processes for the scalable production of high quality graphene and the optimization of production rate, yield, quality, purity, environmental impact, cost and sustainability and more.

As part of the MLA, Archer is seeking approval for the manufacture of up to 100 tonnes per annum of graphene.

Earlier in July, First Graphite also became a partner to the Australian Research Council Research Hub for Graphene Enabled Industry Transformation (ARC Graphene Research Hub).