Archer and Adelaide University to develop graphene-based biosensors

Graphite company Archer Exploration has redefined its existing relationship with the University of Adelaide, by shifting developmental focus away from industrial graphite applications to more consumer-focused graphene-based products.

The collaboration will aim to develop and implement graphene and carbon-based materials for use in complex biosensing which can target applications in human health. Research will explore graphene-based materials for complex biosensing to generate patents with commercial applications and will combine AXE's graphite and graphene materials with the research and development capability of the university.

The key focus for AXE's collaboration with Adelaide University will be to develop generic biosensors that can address the largest market segments for biosensors and medical testing; specifically, detection of cholesterol, blood glucose, blood gases, pregnancy, infectious diseases and drugs.

Posted: Mar 20,2018 by Roni Peleg