Applied Graphene Materials launches the Genable platform for the incorporation of graphene into coatings formulations

Applied Graphene Materials has announced the launch of the Genable platform dispersion technology for the incorporation of graphene into coatings formulations. This launch reportedly Follows 3 years of development work, driven by direct engagement with global industry partners. Applied

Achieving the consistent and successful incorporation of graphene into existing manufacturing processes and formulations is well recognized as a challenge for companies seeking to incorporate graphene nanoplatelets in their products. The materials technology behind AGM’s Genable range has been developed to address this critical area. Genable dispersions are said to achieve long term stablity and are designed to be delivered easily into existing manufacturing processes.

Available from stock, Genable dispersions are supplied in epoxy resins, a range of industry standard carrier solvents (butyl acetate, xylene, MEK, ethyl acetate), as well as water. Genable dispersions are also supported by application guidelines, extended performance datasets and considerable formulation know-how within AGM’s Technical Group.

The key market area delivering early success for AGM is the application of graphene materials into anti-corrosion barrier coatings, specifically aimed at providing step-change delays in the time to corrosion onset under extended and harsh environmental weathering conditions. Major improvements in anti-corrosion performance can be achieved at very low addition levels, and will have significant implications in reducing total costs associated with the application, maintenance and repair of many industrial coating systems.

Posted: Feb 22,2018 by Roni Peleg