A recent report by Acute Market Reports predicts that the graphene market will grow to around $106 million by the end of year 2022, growing at a CAGR rate of 33.56% from 2014's $12.46 million. According to AMR, it is predicted to experience substantial growth in the future due to the growing demand from the electronics sector in evolving economies like India and China.

Graphene films and Nanoplatelets are the two kinds of Graphene based items mainly utilized in electronic products and equipment. Films are predicted to thrive due to the rising need for protective coatings on flexible electronic instruments and smart phones. AMR also suggests that growing economies like India, Brazil, China and other South East Asian nations have been experiencing substantial growth in the production of Graphene.



Nothing report from a nothing company

Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of market research will be able to tell just by looking at the table of contents for this report http://www.acutemarketreports.com/report/graphene-market

that this report is almost valueless. Compare it with our table of contents on this market http://www.futuremarketsinc.com/graphene-market/

We at Future Markets, Inc. (www.futuremarketsinc.com) have recently been highlighting the widespread abuse of the market research industry by a number of India-based organizations. Two of our clients have recently been victims. The only India based with any credibility is Markets and Markets. The rest are not to be trusted.

They all develop huge portfolios overnight, have generic tables of contents that they apply to every industry, provide no sample content and if they do sell a "report" they cobble together generic information after they have receive payment. They are then promoted with baseless market figures.