Alpine 4 acquires ElecJet/Real Graphene

Alpine 4 Holdings has announced that it has acquired ElecJet/Real Graphene, entering the field of lithium and graphene battery manufacturing and design.

The Companies are also exploring plans with the State of Indiana to convert its South Bend, Indiana facility into a US battery production facility and bring graphene battery production to the United States.

The combined efforts of Alpine 4 and ElecJet culminated in two achievements. The first was recognizing that the business opportunities for ElecJet would be greatly enhanced as an Alpine 4 subsidiary, said Kent Wilson, CEO of Apline 4. The second was that working together as one company, we could offer the electric vehicle (EV) market a new and compelling battery solution.

The two companies, Real Graphene and ElecJet, merged earlier this year, resulting in the combination of the graphene intellectual property of Real Graphene and the power system/charging hardware of ElecJet.

ElecJet's graphene lithium battery offering is planned to surpass existing primary battery cells currently used by EV manufacturers (18650, 21700, and 4680) in both power density and energy density.

Imagine charging your car from 0-80% at a DC rapid charging system in under 10 minutes compared to 30-45 minutes with just lithium batteries and subsequently not damage the battery cells within your vehicle like repeated DC charging can do, said Wilson. This will bring the feasibility of vehicles that use our graphene batteries in line with the time it takes to fill a conventional vehicle with gas. We feel this is the game-changer for the EV market as well as other various commercial applications."

The company said its latest power bank on Indiegogo is over three times the battery capacity of an iPhone 13 and will fully charge in just 27 minutes.

Alpine 4 is a NASDAQ-traded conglomerate that acquires businesses that fit into its disruptive DSF business model of drivers, stabilizers, and facilitators.

Posted: Dec 07,2021 by Roni Peleg